March 14, 2010


So I did this backwards...these would be my picks 5-10. :) 

pics from

(1) No. 21. It's sad that Alessandro Dell'Acqua lost the rights to his name, but he's back with this awfully-named line that has some truly pretty pieces. (It's named after his favorite number....yawn with me.) He used all of my favorite fabrics and had my number one print of the season - that blue floral splatter-print is delicious. Loved the shapes and the colors and I thought the collection was just really nice. 

(2) D&G. LOVED the snow bunny theme. Cute and cozy - the finale dresses were gorgeous and I adored every pair of shorts that hit the catwalk. I also think that between this show and Chanel, we'll be seeing furry boots as a major trend next fall. Not sure how I feel about that. 

(3) Christian Dior. Another line that almost always makes it into my top ten. I'm a huge fan of horses, so I was really into the equestrian theme. There were a few too many chiffon dresses - but when they're this pretty, I'm not going to complain. Loved the knee socks! 

(4) Reem Acra. I find myself obsessing over evening gowns every season (usually Marchesa), as if I have somewhere to go. If I did, though, Reem Acra would be my first stop. I can see Rachel Zoe sporting any of the longer, draped numbers. The fabrics are rich and luxurious, but the shapes are still youthful and sexy. 

(5) Elie Tahari. This is why, during my last post, I had to stress the fact that these are based on my personal style and not "fashion merit." I don't think Elie Tahari ever makes it into Vogue editorials, but I thought this collection was completely wearable and totally comfortable. Nothing particularly mind-blowing, but I can appreciate that, too. I'm so into the slightly oversized suits, although, again, nowhere to go in them. I'll take the camel one now, though. Please and thank you.

What were your favorite Fall 2010 shows? 


kirstyb said...

awesome x

Damsels said...

no 21 is definitely a yawn i was thinking the same thing when i saw it .. i was like what is that ? but i do love alessandro .

dont have a favorite just yet .. maybe chanel

Robbin said...

i'm really glad alessandro is back and i'm loving this first set. so simpl, yet so appropriate. totally defines my idea of style.

- Robbin

What is Reality Anyway? said...

fall is my favorite!

akaCola said...

my favs are the Dior & No.21 collection....i love the colors dior used..nice post

Brown and Cappuccino said...

love the elie tahari colleccion ;)

kiss from Portugal***


I'm Heraid said...

Balmain was my favorite but I'm loving these. I didnt get a glimpse of all the collections so thank you for this. I agree with you about Tahari. So wearable, great silhouettes, nothing short of fabulous.

Mara said...

my fave would probably be Watanabe/Yamamoto (cant decide!)

following you now, btw

want a free bamboo satchel? enter my giveaway! :D

What is Reality Anyway? said...

i wannnnt

Stevie said...

These are all such fantastic picks. Thanks for posting this.


OMGGG d&g is killing it. KILLING it!!

...and I'm dying just looking at all these gorgeousness!


CMA said...

LOVING your picks
fabulous darling
thanks for sharing
and as always, thanks for the sweet comments!