April 7, 2015

temporary wall art ideas

Last month, I decided to finally make the leap into getting my own apartment. It's a beautiful little one-bedroom in the heart of midtown Omaha, with hardwood floors, white walls, old radiators and a kitchen filled with bright big windows.

I'd forgotten how simultaneously exciting and exhausting decorating your own space can be (especially when you've overloaded a Pinterest board with 1000+ ideas). The real rub for me seems to be with wall decor, especially as a renter who has to fuss with less-than-perfect plaster walls. I've wondered about wallpaper, pondered about paint and speculating about shelving. When it comes right down to it, however, I'm looking for a large-scale, temporary solution that won't tick off my landlord and will make it simple to switch up the look of my place. Here are five DIY decor ideas I'm currently debating:

1.) Tapestry

Deb Haugen For DENY Pineapple 1 Tapestry

2.) Washi tape

Lekker Fris
3.) Removable wallpaper

Kate Zaremba
4.) Photo wall

My Scandinavian Home
5.) Wall decals

April 6, 2015

new views

It's been far over a year since I've blogged here, and I'm well aware of the reason why. Every time I thought about this space, I'd get tripped up in one of a million different tasks that I thought I needed to do before I got started: Am I happy with the name? Should I move to WordPress first? What's my editorial calendar going to look like? Should I be focusing on a side business instead? What's that really cute baby goat video called again? The idea of re-starting a blog for the fourth time and still being so unclear about my intentions seemed positively overwhelming, so I just never started.

This year, something changed. I'm 26 now, an age that seems too young to be certain about anything and too old to be uncertain about everything. I'm craving something that will help lead me down a path of purpose and self-discovery, and I know that this outlet should be a key part of that exploration. I don't know how often I'll post, what kinds of content I'll explore, or what the future looks like for this space -- all I know is that I'm willing to find out.

January 21, 2014

wardrobe updates for under $20

It's no secret that I prefer vintage and pre-owned shopping to the traditional mall, but I find that I can often experience the thrill of the thrifty hunt without spending three hours at my local Goodwill. There are plenty of incredible shopping steals and budget-friendly deals available online, and with a sharp eye and keen sense of search, you can find chic clothing and accessories for under $20 -- without ever leaving your laptop. 

January 9, 2014

how to wear a midi skirt

When it comes to mastering the midi skirt, there's one woman who has her styling game completely nailed down. Kate Foley, creative consultant and former buyer for Opening Ceremony, has managed to take this tricky piece and turn it into something that I absolutely have to have in multiple iterations. From making it a summer staple with a crop top to pairing it with a turtleneck, she manages to make any outfit with a midi skirt look as easy as tossing on a t-shirt and jeans.

The best part? She unabashedly remixes the same skirts, shoes, tops and accessories over and over again, making her a true inspiration for any modern woman's wardrobe.

Which Kate Foley ensemble is YOUR favorite?

[photos via streetpeeper, refinery29, thefashionspot, styleite, fashion.telegraph.co.uk, refinery29, fashionologie, harper's bazaar, and crush the blog]

February 14, 2013

viva vena, a "fashion film"

Lizzy Caplan stars in a fashion commercial that makes fun of fashion commercials and their 
semi-ridiculous efforts to evoke artistic, authentic characters. I'll still watch the Dior commercials though because HEYYYYY NATALIE PORTMAN!

January 6, 2013

spring wardrobe preview

Nebraska's winter season still has a solid three and a half months to go, but I can't help but look forward to spring. I've been scouring thrift stores for vintage suits that I could transform into the matching shorts-and-blazer combo I love so much, and I finally found a winner with this red linen one. I sliced off the pants into slightly dolphin-style shorts and left the hem unfinished -- the fraying compliments the fabric, in my opinion. This would also be perfect with a graphic tee and Converse, a la Elin Kling.

December 27, 2012

malika favre

As a journalism student that graduated college in 3.5 years, I never took the opportunity to enroll in art history lectures, drawing classes or music courses. I wanted to get a degree and get out of town as soon as possible.

Although I may not be an expert on the subject, I do appreciate talent in the visual arts, particularly after graduation. Over the years, I've managed to discern that I have an inclination towards modern art that doesn't shy away from its use of color. Whether it's abstract expressionism (like Willem de Kooning) or pop art (Warhol, of course), my eye tends to wander towards pieces with a bit of whimsy.

Naturally, when I stumbled across Malika Favre, an incredibly talented French illustrator based out of London, I was immediately intrigued. Her work is minimalistic and bold, as she tries to pare down the subjects to as few lines and colors as possible to portray the idea. While her pieces certainly have the "pop" I love so much, there's an underlying edginess in her work. I am particularly drawn to the Hide&Seek series, though I know her more sexually-charged illustrations get a lot of attention on the internet (naturally). I'm not the only one to have noticed her, of course -- she's been commissioned by the New Yorker and VH1, in addition to collaborating with Volcom on a limited-edition collection of clothing that I can't seem to get my hands on.

For more information on Malika, check out this interview with the artist.

December 21, 2012

basic flats

Besides hassle-free hair, I'm currently interested in not-so-fancy footwear. Just snapped up these nude patent slippers and black leather ballerinas in the Zara sale for $19.99/each. 

December 20, 2012

hassle-free holiday hair

thrifted blouse, loft earrings

The quickest, easiest version of "holiday hair" -- ever.
(You can purchase the rhinestone chain from the last photo, but I just took mine off an old necklace I didn't wear anymore.)

For the full step-by-step tutorial, go here!

November 28, 2012

instinct of color

Obsessed with this short film from OPI. The song featured in it -- "Down the Road" by the French DJs C2C -- has also been on repeat. 

November 9, 2012

winter white

colin stuart pumps/"how music works" by david byrne/forever 21 bag

I don't know if it's me trying to fill the void left by the complete lack of snow here in Nebraska, but I can't get enough of anything in a sleek in a shade of white. This white leather moto jacket is making me seriously question the important of groceries and rent.

All shots are taken from my Instagram: @thealteration.

July 17, 2012

there is a winery in nebraska

photo cr.: lindsay zautke & paige stark

Old Navy polka dot tank, high-waisted Gap shorts, Target boots, vintage bag. 

Spent a completely magical weekend at a local winery + lakefront campsite with all of my favorite females. From stumbling upon a pair of llamas to consuming more smores than I'll ever care to admit, I have to say it'll be hard to top this trip.