May 7, 2010

daydreaming of adventure

Shopbop Spring Designer Lookbook, Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

The minute I think I've figured out how to define my "personal style," I find myself swayed in a new direction. One minute I'm fawning over pastels, lace, and ruffles; the next I'm obsessed with tribal prints, saturated colors and the BEST rendition of the clog I've seen all spring. (I hate the shape of traditional clogs; these are inventive, feminine, and look absolutely killer with tan skin.) 

This lookbook is a huge source of inspiration for me right now - I'm definitely all aboard the mixed print bandwagon, and I love the library setting. It feels like this is what you'd want to wear on your last day of classes, semi-cramming for your very last final exam of the semester but yet not really caring because your mind has already hit vacation, finishing the test in 20 minutes and then heading out to some rooftop fiesta to celebrate the start of summer.

(Maybe I just feel that way because I just finished my last final? YES)
I need to run out to Forever21 and snap up all the headgear they have haphazardly thrown on their accessory towers.