April 7, 2015

temporary wall art ideas

Last month, I decided to finally make the leap into getting my own apartment. It's a beautiful little one-bedroom in the heart of midtown Omaha, with hardwood floors, white walls, old radiators and a kitchen filled with bright big windows.

I'd forgotten how simultaneously exciting and exhausting decorating your own space can be (especially when you've overloaded a Pinterest board with 1000+ ideas). The real rub for me seems to be with wall decor, especially as a renter who has to fuss with less-than-perfect plaster walls. I've wondered about wallpaper, pondered about paint and speculating about shelving. When it comes right down to it, however, I'm looking for a large-scale, temporary solution that won't tick off my landlord and will make it simple to switch up the look of my place. Here are five DIY decor ideas I'm currently debating:

1.) Tapestry

Deb Haugen For DENY Pineapple 1 Tapestry

2.) Washi tape

Lekker Fris
3.) Removable wallpaper

Kate Zaremba
4.) Photo wall

My Scandinavian Home
5.) Wall decals

April 6, 2015

new views

It's been far over a year since I've blogged here, and I'm well aware of the reason why. Every time I thought about this space, I'd get tripped up in one of a million different tasks that I thought I needed to do before I got started: Am I happy with the name? Should I move to WordPress first? What's my editorial calendar going to look like? Should I be focusing on a side business instead? What's that really cute baby goat video called again? The idea of re-starting a blog for the fourth time and still being so unclear about my intentions seemed positively overwhelming, so I just never started.

This year, something changed. I'm 26 now, an age that seems too young to be certain about anything and too old to be uncertain about everything. I'm craving something that will help lead me down a path of purpose and self-discovery, and I know that this outlet should be a key part of that exploration. I don't know how often I'll post, what kinds of content I'll explore, or what the future looks like for this space -- all I know is that I'm willing to find out.