April 7, 2015

temporary wall art ideas

Last month, I decided to finally make the leap into getting my own apartment. It's a beautiful little one-bedroom in the heart of midtown Omaha, with hardwood floors, white walls, old radiators and a kitchen filled with bright big windows.

I'd forgotten how simultaneously exciting and exhausting decorating your own space can be (especially when you've overloaded a Pinterest board with 1000+ ideas). The real rub for me seems to be with wall decor, especially as a renter who has to fuss with less-than-perfect plaster walls. I've wondered about wallpaper, pondered about paint and speculating about shelving. When it comes right down to it, however, I'm looking for a large-scale, temporary solution that won't tick off my landlord and will make it simple to switch up the look of my place. Here are five DIY decor ideas I'm currently debating:

1.) Tapestry

Deb Haugen For DENY Pineapple 1 Tapestry

2.) Washi tape

Lekker Fris
3.) Removable wallpaper

Kate Zaremba
4.) Photo wall

My Scandinavian Home
5.) Wall decals

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