March 22, 2010


I've been completely distracted by the most embarrassing of things: YouTube videos. Specifically, those relating to "hauls" and/or makeup tutorials. I know, I know, so shallow, so ridiculous, I can't even believe I've been spending all my time watching cheesy videos from makeup gurus like DulceCandy87 and AllThatGlitters21 (her little sister has the most annoying voice), but I have, and I'm just going to be straight-up honest with you, because this is my blog and this is why I haven't even really been inspired to do outfit photos, hah.

So, in any case, my newfound silly addiction has had me absolutely gaga over all things beauty. Any money from my tax return that I could have spent on clothes and shoes has now been spent on Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes and Smashbox lipsticks, and all time that I usually spend on streetstyle websites and blogs has had me searching about looking for beauty editorials.

Thought I'd share a bit of beauty inspiration:


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What do you guys think about the relationship between beauty and fashion? Do you watch "haul" videos? I'm entirely new to this whole beauty thing (I have used the same 10-shadow palette for two years straight and I didn't own an eyelash curler up until 4 days ago) so if you have any site/product recommendations, let me know!


alixrose said...

LOL! YT can be quite addicting. I have fallen in love with make up too. Its pretty new to me and can be quite overwhelming, wish I could help out more. Only that high beams from benefit changed my life, they just brightened up my eyes.. i CANT live without it... oh and smashbox primer is love..

Am going to have to look up those make up vids.

km. said...

check out this youtube channel!

I'm obsessed with it, and it was the first post i put up on my own blog. These girls are professionals and make it look so easy! And so many fun tutorials!

Damsels said...

i dont think watching makeup tutotrails is ridiculous .. i like to watch them when i cant figure out how to do soemthing complicated . but in general i try to keep it simple since i dont need that extra expense .. cant wait to see what new makeup looks you try

Wendy said...

I'm always afraid to do such dramatic eye makeup. But it looks so sexy!

Flex said...

Alice swears by the Shisheido eyelash curler... the shu umera is pretty fantastic too..

Lets just go play at sephora for a bit :)


Wanderlusting said...

I LOVE that first pic and any ones that have the smokey eye.

My problem though is I have light hair and dark eyes, which tends to make me more "trashy" looking. Though, the model doesn't look trashy...I dunno, I just feel like if I had dark hair I'd be able to rock the dark eyes a lot better, without feeling like a whore lol.

Lusty xx00

rockwithfashion said...

nice pics.

beingdena said...

Shu Uemura all the way. You will love their make up. They have the best eye last curlers on the market, most amazing eye shadows, blushers, lip glosses and best best best liquid eye pencil.


Kat said...

you have a great blog- some lovely pictures!
if you have time would you look at mine?
thanks :)

sasha b. said...

these pictures are amazing! almost makes me be okay with the fact that im lacking a tan right now! haha

gorgeousclara said...

hahaha...I´m a bit like you...I´me awful with anything related to beauty tips...I stick to the basics...I´ve been wearing black eyeliner since I can remember...I wear it absolutely every day...I don´t look myself without it...and when I go out...I basically just add some colourful lipstick...but I really wanna explore new I´ll need to have a look at those youtube videos...cause I´ve never seen one...


Such fun pictures! These ladies look like they know how to have a good time!


CMA said...

loving your beauty post
gorgeous inspiration
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments, so sweet of you!


Brown and Cappuccino said...

what amazing inspiration :) beautiful pictures, love them

kiss from Portugal and have a nice weekend***


Mara said...

i'va also been lusting over makeup lately. i never get mine to seem right :/

Felicia Mesadieu said...


sayablack said...

Very inspiring pics!
I adore all pics and makeup<3
I'm just fllowing your blog.
Please check out mine<3

Emilie said...

Love it!

My Style Advice said...

that girl dancing is wearing a badass necklace. wish i could get a better look at that!