March 12, 2010

f21 picks


(1) snap button romper, (2) fancy floral bracelet cuff, (3) lace allure boot, (4) ruffle waist skirt, (5) vixen studded boot, (6) military sweater dress, (7) raw edge trimmed cardigan, (8) silken woven shorts, (9) darling silk floral romper, (10) feather wrap ring, (11) slouchy rope purse, (12) floral lace corset.

these will probably be sold out by the time you hit the links, but these are some of my spring faves.


Georgia said...

England really needs to sort itself out and get a F21.. I mean, we gave you Topshop :)
It would be mine

sasha b. said...

thank goodness for forever 21. Love all your picks! I want every single piece! Following btw :)

Fashion Chalet said...

That pink lace corset <3


Taj Acosta said...

Great picks, I have loved those lace boots for a while too! xoxo