October 5, 2010



photography by ken schles

Album art for the recently-released "Invented" by my all-consuming music obsession, Jimmy Eat World. I saw them perform last night for the fourth time and, as usual, they delivered spectacularly. The new album has been playing on my laptop, IPod, and in my head for the past week straight, and I have to say that I'm completely in love with the entire thing, so the fact that I find the artwork equally as inspiring is no surprise.

Jim was inspired by Cindy Sherman's photos "The Complete Untitled Film Stills" and Hannah Starkey's "Photographs 1997-2007" when writing the album, both series that are worth checking out on their own. Most interesting is that he writes these songs from the perspective of a woman, and as a female fan I'm completely astounded that he pulled it off so well. Although I'm pretty sure "Action Needs an Audience" must be an outlier. The standouts for me are "My Best Theory," "Higher Devotion," "Movielike," "Stop," and "Cut" if you're looking to check it out.

Definitely recommended for all those indie/alternative rock fans out there!

And on another note, I have gone through a lot of changes in my life - a breakup with my boyfriend of three years, struggling with my senior year of college, and finding a stable job (two in my case). I'm happy to say that I am hoping to now return to my regular scheduled programming, with a few tweaks. It feels good to be back.


My Style Advice said...

very creative! I love that bra!

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such a pretty collection the second piece is my favorite

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Annushka said...

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healy said...

In love.

Ruth said...

Good album art is hard to get right but I have bought the occasional one where the spread inside had blown me away.

Friendly Fires - Self Title
Snow Patrol - A Hundred Million Suns and Final Straw
Feeder - Save Us (single)

Are among my favourites!