October 18, 2010

birdhouse jewelry

Stumbled across this designer last month while perusing the Brooklyn Flea Market, which I finally found after two wrong trains and a long and expensive cab ride. I've been wearing my crossbones necklace (I have it in black) and horseshoe ring every day. Their designs aren't revolutionary...just simple, dainty, interesting, and great for the price. I have my eye on this skull necklace next!


Brown and Cappuccino said...

so cute and chic :) love it

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Kiss from Portugal***

Brown and Cappuccino*

Kirstin said...

I love the delicateness of the crossbones!

landel said...

I love crossbone necklaces! Not because of the style but because of its durability. You can wear it anytime, mix matched with different outfits. Perfect!

Shalysse said...

i love the headphones necklace! these are definately very cute, even though they are so simple.



love that X one! Nothing better than GOLD.

Ruth said...

These are so pretty and so wearable! I love sparkly little pieces of jewellery that are interesting and unexpected... These are both! :)


ladyheart said...

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Meg said...

ooh yes i have seen tthis designer at the brooklyn flea market as well. love everything