February 14, 2010



victoria beckham fall 2010

personally, i think the woman has clearly demonstrated she's more than tabloid fodder.
i will say that her pieces are always styled far too clean for my tastes. muss up the models' hair a bit and pile on some jewelry, and i'd wear any one of the looks in her latest collection.


Eva Ana said...

i like that there isn't anything extra or too much or sth you'd change

Anonymous said...

I really like these looks but would add on jewelry as you suggested. x

Brown and Cappuccino said...

great inspiration :)

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Christen said...

She is really talented. I love every single one of these looks!

alixrose said...

I agree I do believe she's made a name for herself.
You can see her signature all over it.
She gives you a beautiful look to make your own.

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Oooh thanks for sharing these pictures. I love all of them!

Nataliexxx said...

I have to say I agree. She really has proveed herself

prashant said...

I really like these looks

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