February 3, 2010

hit the floor

net-a-porter & farfetch
i will forever be fond of short little dresses, but lately i've been quite drawn to the longer end of the spectrum - that peter pilotto piece in the bottom right is sooooo stunning.

 it's quite a challenge to layer maxi dresses in the wintertime without looking completely dowdy & drab......any suggestions?


Clara said...

i love it

Isquisofrenia said...

hey girl, long time no here
but anyways i dont know about you but i personally would wear the 3 dress with a long plain white tee long sleeve and a coat!!

Wanderlusting said...

I find that it depends on your jacket length. A cropped or short coat or jacket with a maxi looks great (I used to wear long skirts in the winter ALL the time) whereas a long coat, or even worse, one that hits mid-hip, will make you look frumpy and bulky.

Lusty x0x0

Isquisofrenia said...

glad your back girl,
and let me tell you , i love love the lenght of your hair
you look gorgeous!

have a fun weekend!

Christen said...

Who makes that second black dress? Must. own. it.

Anonymous said...

hm. well if you wear some really funky jewelry/makeup, it would get rid of the dowdy factor. i really love the blue maxi dress with the sweetheart neckline.

chloe said...

hmmm... i do like the idea of a maxi dress but im not sure i could pull it off.. id love to see how you'd style yourself in one miss jamie! x

Hannah said...

I second the cropped jacket idea.

I'm loving the top right dress - so pretty!