January 21, 2010


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fedex let a stranger i've never heard of sign for my $500+ canon rebel - purchased with ALL of my christmas money, plus half a paycheck - even though my boyfriend was sitting in my apartment at the time they "delivered" it.

i have no idea where it is.

say it with me: FML.


kataya said...

I've had my problems with fedex they tend to leave packages outside peoples door in my building and my sunglasses got stolen once. But I dont think its a FML moment unless you didn't get your camera

the clothing project said...


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Georgia said...

Wow. That sounds so so so awful.
It would be mine

Anonymous said...
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beingdena said...

I really hope it turns out some nice stranger/neighbor signed for it and brings it to you asap.

Teresa said...

That is the most ridiculous thing ever. Fedex usually rings our doorbell once (if they do it at all) and run away like the cops are after them. Aye. Hope someone has a conscience and your camera turns up soon.


Jess said...

omgsh poor girl! :( i'd be crying right now

Emma ... said...

Hope you manage to get it back! :/
Love this photos! there gorgeous!
Great blog! I'm now following you :) Please check out my blog.
Have a great day!
Emma x


Joana said...

amazing shoot!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. I hope you get your camera back. I've been royally screwed by FedEx. My fiance sent my engagement ring to me through FedEx, and the box was empty. I never got it back. FedEx "lost" *cough, stole, cough* it, but I do hope your situation turns out better than mine. Good Luck!

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