January 28, 2010

bubble yum





vintage dress, vintage boots from etsy, express fabric necklace.

came across these bubblegum-pink booties on etsy and i knew i had to have them. they're such a unique color and their silhouette is still pretty modern. too bad both heel tips snapped off within minutes of their first trek out on the town; oh well, nothing a semi-decent cobbler can't fix. i had to basically slide my way to all of my classes (absolutely no traction in the university hallways) but i spent all of mass media ethics staring at my pretty pink shoes....so i guess it was all worth it.


Lori said...

i LOVE that dress! i've been looking for a blazer dress to belt forever now. your shoes are so cute, this is my favorite outfit of yours!

alixrose said...

Jamie - I would have bought those boots too. Its almost the worth falling on your face, almost! LOL!

Christen said...

It was totally worth it - the color, shape and heel are divine!

wardrobeexperience said...

wow, love those booties. great colour!


chloe said...

ah, they're adorable! nice catch :) and yay for cobblers, hehe x

Womens Summer Dresses said...

Love those boots!!

RainCooper said...

Love the 4th photo :)

Nora the Explorer said...

woohoo you're hair is getting long!! i love that black/white photo of you :)