July 15, 2011

carven resort

Resort 2012
via style.com

I'd wear looks #1 and #6 exactly as they are. Perfect prints and inspiring color choices. I'll be looking to this collection frequently as I seek to really narrow and define my sense of style - hopefully an achievable goal!


Brown and Cappuccino said...

amazing looks :)

Kiss from Portugal***

Brown and Cappuccino*

Anonymous said...

amazing photos! follow you :)

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Meagan@Style-Edition said...

1, 2, and 5 are my favorites! I just love these colors! Thanks for introducing me to Carven - I hadn't seen any of their collections before.

men tuxedos said...

Fashion style number 3 is also good. Why not opt to try it? I think it will look good on you;)

Anonymous said...

Hellooo! I know this is the wronggg page to write this on, But i found your blog haphazardly, and started flicking through it cause I loveee the vibe of the photos you post. I came across the page where you said your polka dot tights keep ripping.. Urban Outfitters has WICKED tights, I've had pairs of them since last september & they really are fabulous quality. They sell polka dot tights for sure! I would recommend getting a size m/l even though you could fit into a s/m, because the extra fabric helps ward off tears & runs!

hjf said...

i love the bows on the back of the shoes, such a cute detail


BerryHaute said...

love that puff-ball skirt and T,
Carven's been great the fast few seasons.

Anonymous said...


alovelylittleworld said...

These looks are amazing. I love # 1 and #4 so entirely.

Hannah Louise said...

look number 1 is my favee!
got yourself a follower :)



busana muslim said...

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..

Lucija said...

I loooove Carven, I would wear everything ;) Great post!!
Following via Bloglovin :))))


Teresa said...

Sigh... I love Carven's map print. I'm looking for a more affordable alternative, but no such luck yet.