November 6, 2010

top it off

november 2010


Shalysse said...

they look amazing! and i love the coat in the previous post. you should definitely get it !

feel free to check out the giveaway on my blog (:

Grace said...

Great spread!

Love Grace.

Ruth said...

Found this blog purely by chance through the 'next blog' button at the top of the page.

I love all your pictures and spreads. It's great that you can blog about fashion but not be consumed by it. I've read a lot of fashion blogs and some of them are really nothing like the real world - and isn't that what blogging is about?

Keep up the fab work!

daphne said...

great fashion treat indeed. .

image consultant school said...

Those photos are just too beautiful. I totally love the style.

Lea said...

Hey, your blog is so nice!
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bye :)

Stefanie Langholz said...

I love this type of photos black and withe .. very sexy ..!!


Belle Armed said...

fantastic photos

Paladin Accounts said...

WoW! super love the photos. .so fabulous. . =)

"this fashion lark." said...

Amazing pictures! x


cute blog! I’ll follow you!
I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on bloglovin:-)

debutante ball gowns said...

nice!!!..really great photos..keep it up!!

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