April 26, 2010

finals week

if i have hair left by the end of the week, it's a miracle

April 19, 2010


Harper's Bazaar Australia continuously serves as one of my primary sources of inspiration. We're just always on the same sartorial wavelength, and this is no exception.

Harper's Bazaar Australia, May 2010
Model: Meghan Collison (What an interesting face, don't you think? There's something sort of Linda Evangelista/Milla Jovovich about her.)
Photographer: Benny Horne
Stylist: Jillian Davison
Source: fashiongonerogue, of course

April 16, 2010

they said it changes when the sun goes down

express tights & sweater; f21 skirt; vintage top, boots & earrings.

Random night shoot + root beer float run. It's still a bit chilly here...I can't wait for the grass to really be green.

Picked up two pairs of these tights at Express, both have already ripped. I'd been searching the world over for polka dot tights since they became popular, because I truthfully think they would be a personal wardrobe staple for the rest of my life. Haven't been able to find any in my remote location, though, and every time I found them online they were sold out.

 Not a very original outfit, though I would say my style has gotten more eclectic recently....

April 6, 2010

lazy day

gap shirtdress, old navy scarf, vintage purse